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Eco Friendly Web Hosting

By December 14, 2016December 2nd, 2018Resources

We recommend hosting your website with our sister company Golden Stupa Media.

Solar powered Web Hosting

Our linux server is located on racks that are powered by Solar.  Server energy efficiency has improved some in the last decade, however they continue to be a large portion of our energy usage (~5%) …  And they will continue to demand more power!

Compassionate and Friendly Support

We understand that tech issues are uniquely unpleasant, and so we add extra friendly and patience spices to our nutritional mix.

Free Migration

We will migrate your website from your existing host onto our server for free.

Solid State Storage

Our server uses solid state drives instead of spinning hard disks, for optimal performance.

We Support WordPress

We primarily host WordPress sites and are well-versed in troubleshooting issues with WordPress and related plugins.

Proper security

We maintain our server with optimal security, and provide guidance and support for clients’ internal security needs, such as encrypted email and HTTPS.

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